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Category: Environment

What Greta Doesn’t (Yet) Understand

Greta, Greta, Greta.

I admire your passion.  You really believe what you say.

However, you have a ways to go in understanding the relationship between humans and nature.

Greta, I remember being your age.   I remember thinking that we are destroying “Mother Nature”.     As I got older, I realized that I had it backwards.

You see, Greta, nature doesn’t care about humans.   Nature never cared.   Nature has killed and tries to kill humans in every which way possible: disease, natural disasters, predators, etc.

Humans are the species that tamed nature.   We’re taming diseases.   Viruses.

Have patience Greta.

Technology will get better.    We will become better at reducing emissions.   We will cut down on greenhouse gases.  Why?  Because humans are the only species on planet earth that does NOT take the path of least resistance.

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