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Trade Wars

With the talks of trade wars/tariffs I am reminded of Jack Ma’s interview at the World Economic Forum in Davos.   From CNBC:

‘”The American multinational companies made millions and millions of dollars from globalization,” Ma said. “The past 30 years, IBM, Cisco, Microsoft, they’ve made tens of millions — the profits they’ve made are much more than the four Chinese banks put together. … But where did the money go?”

He said the U.S. is not distributing, or investing, its money properly, and that’s why many people in the country feel wracked with economic anxiety. He said too much money flows to Wall Street and Silicon Valley. Instead, the country should be helping the Midwest, and Americans “not good in schooling,” too.’

Something to think about.

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Do Your Job

1. Do your job.
2. Be attentive.
3. Pay attention to details.
4. Put the team first.

This is what “we look at every day when we walk into the building,” says Belichick.
“Ultimately, the team has to come first even though we all have individual goals and preferences,” he explains. “If you pay attention, and you’re coachable and you work hard, you’ve gotta improve. That’s really what it’s about for us.”

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Soon you will have forgotten all things: soon all things will have forgotten you

I’ve read Meditations many times over, however I’m reflecting on these verses today, especially for my birthday:

“Soon you will have forgotten all things: soon all things will have forgotten you.”  – Book 7, Verse 20

“Look back over the past – all those many changes of dynasties.   And you can foresee the future too: it will be completely alike, incapable of deviating from the rhythm of the present.   So for the study of human life forty years are as good as ten thousand: what more will you see?”  – Book 7, Verse 49


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