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Author: Ciprian


In the US the 2nd Amendment and Immigration are sacrosanct. Both sides (right and left) accept a number of deaths a year to protect the two.   The right accepts a number of deaths per year protect the 2nd Amendment (ie. random shootings).   The left accepts a number of deaths per year to protect  Immigration and diversity (ie. random terrorist acts).   

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Tough Loss

What a game.   Tough loss for the Steelers.   It would have been nice to see the Steelers win another Superbowl before Ben Roethlisberger retires.    Good season overall, hope to see Ben come back next year.


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The Case For Crypto

The case for crypocurrencies  is getting stronger by the day.   One industry that could benefit from using crypto is the cannabis industry.   The New York Times explains:

“Cannabis use still lacks legal standing with the federal government.   That means growers, processors, and retailers can’t open accounts or access lines of credit from federally insured banks.   They can’t write off business expenses when they file their taxes, and it’s extremely difficult to purchase crop insurance.”

The states have begun to legalize the use of cannabis but cannabis is still federally illegal.   How is one going to run a business without capital?    Without banks?  The answer is cryptocurrencies (eg: Monero, Verge).


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At what point did humans come to understand the concept of time?    At what time did we understand that there was a past, a present, and a future?   At what point did we have the consciousness to remember the past and project into the future?

PS.  Today is the only day in history when every adult was born in the 1990’s and every minor was born in the 2000’s.



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